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This part of the website includes various betting service software products available.

I would recommend using Trading software, if you want to benefit from speed, when Betfair Trading.

Unlike my outlook on Arbing software, I feel Trading software is an absolute must if you want to take trading seriously.

Speed is of an essence in Betfair Trading.

I have been Betfair Trading, intermittently, since the early 00’s. I have traded both manually and with software. I noticed, in years gone by, that I have ‘missed’ a few successful trades mainly because of speed – and these times were mostly when trading manually.

Those vital second[s] are so crucial to entering and exiting in the market effectively and profitably.

If you’re going to take trading seriously, then you absolutely need trading software.

As I mentioned several times within my website, I am admittedly a Dinosaur who prefers manual everything; I prefer:

Manual notes

Manual Arbing

Manual Maths

… you get the picture!

This is largely due to my age. Therefore, my point is – if I swear by Trading software then it is for a reason other than trying to sell or suggest purchasing software.

My choice of software has been Bet Angel.

I really like the interface, the functions, servants and depth of choice. I like the calming voice of Peter Webb too when there is 5 minutes left to post time!

There are other brands of Trading software too. Geeks Toy being the second most favoured choice.

As mentioned earlier in my website … not everyone is an I phone lover … are they?

I certainly am … and I dislike change.

However, people do use Android. I quite like the graphics I’ve seen on some android phones and Tablets I’ve seen/owned in the past, but the majority of my time has been spent as an I phone user. I prefer I phone. This is not to say they are better, just my preference.

Apologies for the double-sentenced analogy. But I want to make things clear.

Bet Angel are my choice … but Geeks Toy is also a well-respected piece of software.

Betfair Trading Software

View GEEKS TOY here.

Or by clicking image above, to enjoy their free trial.

I’ve seen on Facebook groups and forums that many people prefer Geeks Toy; GT has a cheaper subscription, which is appealing.

The programmer of Geeks Toy, Paul Spry, is a well-known legit software programmer for the Sports Trading industry and undoubtedly knows his stuff well, as has been running his company for a very long time effectively.


We love the word “free”, right?

In this instance it would be a Savvy choice, to enjoy a free trial of both Bet Angel AND Geeks Toy. The free trial period should enable you enough time to experience the pro’s and Cons of each piece of software – to make an informed decision. You may also realise, early-on, that trading is not for you?

… And therefore save yourself a few bob by not committing to a subscription.

Happy Trialing!

Reviews on Trading software will be published at later date being fed from the Blog.

Keep an eye out for fresh blog material posted regular on this site!