When trading on Betfair, speed is of an absolute essence. The difference between a winning and losing trade can often be decided by speed!

Despite all the knowledge and experience a trader may have, without optimizing the speed that your trading can be done, can simply become wasted efforts.

The two main software products most well-known to the everyday Betfair Trader are Bet Angel and Geeks Toy.

Both do a grand job and we’ve got to admit, the preference usually just comes down to a personal choice.

We recommend learning Betfair Trading BEFORE starting-out. However, if like many. you have chosen to take the plunge – then the good news is it’s never too late.

If you’re a beginner, or just reaching the intermediate stage – we recommend Caan Berry’s products as a good first port of call. Caan’s Video Pack has received great reviews, like the one here.

Check out our YouTube playlist for a selection of random Betfair Trading videos, regular uploads each week, so don’t forget to subscribe!

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