Helping Matched Bettors transition into BETFAIR Trading!

Welcome to, the Home of Green Screens!

This website is in its infancy stages, but there are already several pages on here to browse, including our BETFAIR TRADING page HERE.

We will post ideas and present common Trading Strategies to improvise on.

We hope to deliver straight forward principles and practises as well as niche Trading Angles.

I have been making a good income from sports trading and sports betting over the last few years. However, when one becomes gubbed things get hard!

This site hopes to show you ways I look to profit from BETFAIR Trading.

Looking for Betfair trading strategies and tips? You’re in the right place, we hope to guide Matched Bettors into Trading, the smart way!! Unique fresh material coming in 2020.


Many years I have been scouring the markets looking for matches on Matched Bets and also Arbs; This has empowered me with knowledge of the markets. We will cover many different aspects of Sports Trading and help newbies switching from MATCHED BETTING to TRADING!

The great thing about BETFAIR Trading is you cannot get gubbed!

Making profits everGreen, hence our name!

Have fun!